Items from all over the World

Amazon has many amazing features but did you know you can get items from around the world?

You can order almost anything, as long as it's something that can be shipped to the U.S. legally. The best part about searching items on Amazon is that it can be just about anything! Let your imagination wander! With a preferred list of countries from all over the world, you never have to wonder if you can buy something from another country. There are over 75 countries that participate in the Amazon Global program including: Saudi Arabia, China, India, Italy, Peru, and even Brazil! Thanks to Amazon you can simply search on one website for endless possibilities quickly and easily. There’s even helpful suggestions! To get started, simply go to the search bar located at the top of the page and type in the item that you are looking for, along with “from” and the country name and then hit the magnifying glass to search for it. Once the page has loaded its time to narrow down your choices to find which items are from the country you are looking for

. To do this simply scroll down the page to find “AmazonGlobal Eligible,” which is located on the left hand side just under “International Shipping.” After you have selected this option the page will reload and show the items that can be shipped to you from that country. Don’t worry, you can still narrow down your search even more if you wanted to search by item type or customer reviews. To select an item, simply click on it and then hit “add to cart,” a new screen will appear that will allow you to view your cart or proceed to checkout. (Please keep in mind you will need an Amazon account to purchase items from Amazon. So when you go to checkout you may have to either create an account or sign in to your existing one.

You will also need to be at least 18 or older to have an Amazon account and at least 21 or older for alcohol purchases.) Amazon will then confirm the address you wish to ship the item to, your payment information, as well as the delivery date. Once everything is all set, Amazon will email you a confirmation page with the confirmation number so you can keep track of your item. In no time you will be receiving your wonderful item for India, China, or even Italy! And the best part is is that Amazon makes it easy for the items purchased to pass through customs without any delay. They even offer updates to keep track of your item so you never have to worry where it is! Amazon will also save the credit card you use for purchase as well as the shipping address for future purchases. And if you need to update your shipping address or credit card information, Amazon offers you the opportunity to change that on each page before purchasing and then finalizes your information before selecting “place order,” giving you the simplest way to buy from another country online.