Shit N Stroke - Potty Putter Bathroom Golf from Blue Foot Products

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Product Description

We are delighted to stock the famous Shit N Stroke - Potty Putter Bathroom Golf.

With so many on offer recently, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The Shit N Stroke - Potty Putter Bathroom Golf is certainly that and will be a perfect acquisition.

For this price, the Shit N Stroke - Potty Putter Bathroom Golf comes highly recommended and is a popular choice with many people. Blue Foot Products have added some great touches and this results in good value.

Manufacturer Description

It takes a special kind of golfer to want to yell "fore" when taking a number two. Luckily, you can with the Shit 'N' Stroke.

When you're sitting on the porcelain throne, thinking about philosophy, science, and the colonic impact of Mexican food, you can take a break and play a quick game of putt-putt. The Shit 'N' Stroke comes with its own putter, green and hole, all in one. You may not be able to hit the toilet when taking a wee, but you can get a hole in one when you making a number two. Playing this potty putt putt is one of the few times you can play golf with your pants around your ankles and not get arrested.

The Shit 'N' Stroke is a one-of-a-kind device made for the toilet golf pro. You may slice on the course, but you're not loafing about in the bathroom. So what if you never score a green jacket at The Masters? There's plenty of TP to create a two-ply crown when you make the putt. It brings a whole new meaning to being a shitty golfer, and your game will never be the same again.

Includes: Putter, putting green, plastic hole, flag, two balls and your very own Do Not Disturb sign

Frequently Asked Questions about the Shit 'N' Stroke

Do I get a Mulligan for farting during a putt?

Sorry, strong winds are a hazard with any golf game, so floating an air biscuit doesn't earn you a Mulligan. Pro Tip: Place toilet paper around the seat before you start. Sweaty seat slippage can cause a wicked slice...

My wife regrets getting me this. How do I smooth things over?

Don't be fooled by your wife's demeanor, she's just as into it as you are. She may not openly admit it in mixed company, but she's probably been Shit 'N' Stroking for years and just never told you. Sit her down and tell her how important your poo putting is, and I'm sure she'll understand.

Product Features

Goes Great with Mexican Food You'll Find Chronic Constipation a Special Treat Bonus Gift: Do Not Disturb Sign for Lengthy Practice Sessions Drop a Deuce While Letting Loose Knock Swings Off Your Golf Game While You're Dropping the Kids Off at the Pool

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