1) Amazon Trade-In


 Amazon Trade-In offers you a way to put some value on those old items you no longer use or need. Amazon will pay for the shipping of your items and reward you with an Amazon Gift Card. Trade In values can be a little low, but is a good way to get rid of all your junk.


2) Amazon Cloud


  Amazon offers a 3 month free trial on their Cloud Storage Service. You can sign up for Unlimited Storage space and use it for 3 months at no charge, just remember to cancel the subscription before the 3 months.


 3) Take Advantage of Discount Coupons


 If after you make a purchase, you find a discount coupon for that same item, don't worry Amazon will honor that coupon and refund you the difference. Just talk to a representative and put some money back in your pocket.

4) The Amazon Student Club

  If you're a student, then Amazon is the place for you to shop. With the Amazon Student Club, students receive a 6 month trial of Prime and it includes free one-day delivery. Also, if you wish to keep the service after the 6 months, it's only half the price of the normal Prime membership.



5) Earn Vouchers For Your Time

 This is one of my favorite methods to earn some extra cash in the form of Vouchers. There are survey and competition sites out there, that will pay you with an Amazon Voucher or Gift Card for your time. If you have a few minutes to spare and don't mind giving your opinion to the marketplace, you could be earning some Amazon Vouchers today.


6) Reclaim Lost Music Downloads


When you buy a CD or Vynil at Amazon, you have the right to download the music electronically as well. This works for any purchase you have made from 1999-2016. To take advantage of this, just log in to the Amazon Music Library and search for any tracks available. This is a great way of having that old music in mp3 format on your computer.


7) Get Amazon Prime Membership Refund

 If you signed up for Prime and forgot to cancel your membership before the trial period expired, don't worry, you can always get a refund. Just contact Amazon and tell them how you forgot to cancel your Prime in time. Amazon will refund you the Prime charge and you still used the service for a little longer than the trial period.


8) Prime Items Are Not Necessarily Better

 Don't buy an item only because it's label as prime, sometimes the price for that item will be a lot higher just because is prime. Instead search for alternatives, almost every time, you'll find the same item at cheaper prices and free shipping. Off course, it might not reach you in 2 days like with Prime, but if you can wait, then why not save some money.

9) Price Match

 Amazon also offers price matching, if you are ready to buy an item on Amazon but see that another retail store or online store has the same items for cheaper, request a price match and Amazon will match the price of the other vendor. Another great way to save money.


10) Charity Donation

 Just as the title says, you can make your purchases at Amazon and help your favorite charity while you're at it. You can do that by going to Amazon Smile. When you ship through Amazon Smile .5% of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choosing.


11) Credit Card Rewards

 If you want to maximize for savings, use a credit card that rewards you for making purchases at Amazon. For example, the Citi Forward Visa, the Chase Amazon card or the Amex Blue Cash Preferred. This will allow you to save money and all purchases.


12) Amazon Gift Cards

Usually, when you use a prepaid debit card, is almost impossible to use the exact amount available in the card. With Amazon Gift Cards, you can put that money to good use. Just buy a Gift Card for the exact custom amount in your card and have that money available on your next purchase. It might not be enough to buy something, but you see it as a discount, which in turn saves you money.


13) Prime's No Rush Delivery

 You can take advantage of the Amazon Instant Video Credit when you don't necessarily need the item to arrive in a rush. Amazon is offering a $1.00 Instant Video Credit when you choose the No-Rush Delivery method at checkout. This is an easy way of getting some credits towards Amazon Instant Video and getting the most out of your Amazon Prime account.


14) Keep An Eye On Expected Delivery Times

This tip is one of my favorites, always check your expected delivery times. If your package is late, you can request a refund of any shipping costs. If you're an Amazon Prime member and your package is late, they'll give you a 1 month extension on your account for free. There's always situations that make it impossible to deliver on time. With this tip you can take advantage of that and get some freebies from Amazon.


15) Monitor Price Drops

 Please keep in mind that this only works for items sold and shipped by Amazon. The way it works is, if you see that the item you bought dropped in price and contact Amazon within 7 days of your purchase, they'll issue a refund for the difference. Again, this only applies for price drops within 7 days and on items sold and shipped by Amazon, so keep an eye on those prices.


16) The Amazon Outlet Store

 A lot of people shop at Amazon but few of them know, that Amazon has a cheaper version of itself. The Amazon Outlet Store offers discounted merchandise on new and used items that can save you some big bucks. Basically, you'll be taking advantage of Warehouse deals that not many people know about.


17) Browser Extensions

 Although this tip might not save you that much money, it will definitely make your shopping experience easier. There are many browser extensions that can add items to your wish list, help you browse the items easier and even track prices for you.


18) Do Your Research

 Amazon has great deals but not all items are sold at discounted prices. Is always good to compare prices so you know which items are cheaper at Amazon and which aren't. Amazon also offers the Subscribe and Save program. However, it's always good to do a price comparison to make sure you are actually saving money with this subscription.


19) Share Your Prime Account

 As you know, the Amazon Prime Membership is $99 per year, it's totally a good value, but you could take advantage of the sharing capabilities to maximize your benefits. For example, you can share your account with 4 other people, this will allow them to get free shipping on all of their orders. Since they'll be saving money on shipping costs, you could split the cost of the membership with them, saving you some money in the process. However, they only benefit you can share is the shipping, only the account holder has access to the other benefits.


20) Don't Trust Amazon's Search Results

 When you search by maker and model, often you don't get the best deals. This is designed that way, so your search results produce only high profit items. After doing a search, look further in the suggested items or the "bought items" list and you'll find the same items at better deals.


21) Save money with Amazon Baby Registry

Prime members can get up to 15% off discount on eligble products.  Primer membership holders with a baby registry can also obtain other limited time offers such as  Welcomebox , Parenting ebooks, marternity savings  and much more!