Amazon online shopping

Without a doubt the concept of online shopping has come a long way, and chances are that you have at one point used an online shopping service. What started off with Michael Aldrich in 1979 as a simple concept of teleshopping has grown to become a multibillion dollar industry. In less than four decades, the industry has literally move from non-existent to formidable, with items such as books, clothes, electronics, and anything you can think of being sold online.

One of such online shopping platforms which have grown to become a very successful business is Amazon. Founded in 1994, Amazon holds the 8th position on Forbes most innovative companies list. To buttress the extent of their success, Amazon is employs over 200,000 people and is worth about $250 billion. One is left to wonder the secret of their success.

One firm fact can be drawn from the success of Amazon - they must be doing something(s) right for them to have some this far. Some of the things online shoppers look for when shopping are price, quality, and customer service. Amazon is a combination of cheap prices, excellent quality, and great customer service.

Great Products

In the world of online shopping, quality and variety are two important factors. Amazon online store is field with quality products that cut across multiple applications – from gadgets, to electronics, books, entertainment, health, fitness, automobile, amongst others, you may shop until you drop.

Ease of Use

Trust me; nobody wants to spend hours or even minutes figuring out how an online shopping platform works. One of the best features of Amazon is its ease of use. Within few minutes, you are done with the process and waiting for your delivery.


Beyond having amazing products and an extremely easy-to-use platform, security is paramount. Amazon guarantees that the information and details of their shoppers are protected.

Online shopping offers an immense choice. Most individuals would prefer sitting on their couches and have items delivered to their doorsteps than having to go through the hurdles of visiting a mall. Widespread adoption of home computers, high speed broadband connections, and even mobile friendly e-channels has created some sort of shopping revolution. And Amazon is at the forefront of this revolution.